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Welcome to Better Way Wellness of Corpus Christi, Texas
Located in the heart of Corpus Christi, you’re never too far from top-notch care that can help you achieve radiant wellness both inside and out.
Discover what it means to truly live well.
At Better Way Wellness, our expert practitioners offer patients the care and tools they need to look and feel their best. From life-changing therapies that support disease prevention and reduce symptoms of aging like sleepless nights, low libido, and lagging energy to aesthetic medical treatments that rejuvenate, repair, and restore, we’ve got you covered.
Not sure where to start? Give our expert patient concierge team a call. You may be struggling with a long list of symptoms that feel like they’re just a side effect of stress or aging, but the truth is that you don’t feel like yourself. At Better Way Wellness, we understand that every person is unique and no one experiences life in exactly the same way. That’s why our team is dedicated to listening to your concerns and building a treatment plan that supports your goals while achieving symptom relief.

Think you may be a candidate for aesthetic medicine treatments?

Our Services

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Hormone Replacement

At Better Way Center, we specialize in providing revolutionary technologies like hormone optimization therapy (HRT) and natural testosterone pellet therapy (TRT) to rejuvenate your physical

Sexual Vitality Treament

Discover how our natural and effective treatments can assist you if you’re experiencing common issues such as loss of libido, deterioration of sexual organs, and sexual performance

Peptide Therapy

Peptide therapeutics have been an integral part of medicine since the advent of insulin therapy in the 1920s. While peptides have been utilized for medical purposes for many years

Pellet Therapy

Since the 1930s, pellet therapy has been a popular option for individuals looking to correct their hormonal imbalances while avoiding the negative aspects of other hormone replacement

IV Infusions

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Contact Details

Contact Details


5826 Esplanade Dr, Suite 303
Corpus Christi, TX 78414


(+1) 361-500-2898



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